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I’m 16, have PKU and have been on my diet my whole life. I come from a family of seven kids and both myself and my 8-year-old sister have PKU. Neither of us have the common blue eyes, we both have brown eyes like our dad. We don’t have have blonde hair but more of a dirty blonde, but we both have very light skin. I burn extremely easily and almost never tan, my little sister on the other hand tans very easily if she is outside.
I’m pretty sure mood swings/depression are problems that occur with being off diet. If my levels are alittle bit higher I do tend to get crabby alot easier. Headaches, tiredness, lack of concentration, lack of balance and irritablity are just a few other problems that I know of.
How many supplements have you tried? Because they’ve got some that come in the form of pills, formulas, premade juices, some that look almost like granola bars (but not quite). Do you have any contact with a medical geneticist, dietitian etc? If you do you could talk to them about getting some samples to try. They also have some new things call the Phlexy-10 add-ins that you can add into food and you won’t taste it, I’ve tried them and you can’t taste them at all. There are millions of things out there if your interested in looking into them. nBreanna n16 CPKU

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