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Meaghan, nUntil I was around 8 I had problems with getting all my phe in because I wouldn’t eat anything. Mainly because my formula always filled me up. Then when I was around 8 my mom stopped taking me to my appointments and starting making my dad take me, for many reasons one being that my mom couldn’t stand my dietitian. Then from then until last September my levels were usually somewhere between 6-12mg/dl, rarely lower then that.
In Sept I finally got a new dietitian. Before I went to go meet her for the first time we did a level and it was an 11.6 I think. Then we did another in Oct and it went down to 8 then the one in Sept came back as a 6.9 and since January my levels have amazingly been between 2-6 like they’re supposed to be (except one). So don’t think I’m perfect I’m far from that. nBreanna

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