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I drink Vitaflo PKU express coolers (both purple and orange) and XPhe Maxamum juice boxes (both berry and orange). But from when I was about three up until last September I was switching formulas basically every 6 months-1 year because I never liked anything that I was given.
Hmm…throughout the day I eat ALOT of potatoes: hashbrowns, fries, mashed potatoes (without milk of course), baked potatoes etc. I like pasta with speghetti sauce, tomato soup or mushroom soup. My mom was able to find the Ener G tapioca bread at a local Pick N Save near our house. So I eat alot of thinks like PB & J, cheese sandwiches, garlic bread. And of course this is all low pro.
Having a sister with PKU is okay. She always eats my food before I get a chance to haha . But it’s nice because I don’t feel so outnumbered when we go for PKU appointments because it’s not a bunch of adults with one kid.
I only really have a problem with eatting things I really shouldn’t when I’m at school. Even then it’s more like I’m eatting too much of something I can have. For example I can have potatoe chips, but sometimes I just eat alittle bit more then I should. nBreanna

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