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Hey Page, my name’s Breanna and I’m 16. I don’t remember what my highest level ever was, but I remember I was about 10. For the most part lately my levels have been pretty good.
Yes the questions can get annoying, but I guess it’s just something you get used to eventually. Then again, I don’t really get asked to many questions anymore because in 9th grade I started answering my friends questions (instead of telling them it’s none of their business like I did when I was a rude child…). So now for the most part my friends all know about my PKU and they don’t really ask. Even if somebody does ask if I’m by friends who know about my PKU all I have to say is something like “I have PKU which is a metabolic genetic disorder…” then my friends usually take over. I have to admit, they do a pretty dang good job explaining seeing as they don’t live with PKU! nBreanna n16 CPKU

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