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I’ll be starting my fourth year at ohio state in a couple weeks. College has been quite an experience thus far. Well, I went off diet when I was about 15, but I mean, I still stayed away from large quantites of meat or really anything in excess (but still a lot more than I should’ve had). Then when I went to college my first year I had the university dining plan, and ate almost exclusively pizza, chicken, and all other stereotypical college foods that are served. It was easily the worst year of my life. I don’t know if it was the fact that this food was nothing but junk, the fact that it had crazy high phe, or a combination of the two, but I was in terrible physical and mental health that whole year. I don’t have the words to describe how miserable I was.
The next year I lived on my own (not in the dorms) and I did a little better just because I could buy my own food and eat something other than fried chicken or pizza, but I was by no means on the diet. Anyhoo, long story short: That summer I met someone else w/PKU (What are the odds?! I mean it was just out of the blue!!) and seeing her sort of motivated me to come back to the diet, which I’ve been on and off of for the last year, slowly easing my way back in. Thinking about how much better of a place I am in now vs. where I was my freshman year… you couldn’t pay me to eat like that again!
One of the trickiest things for me is finding a way to fit formula into a schedule in which sometimes I’m not home for a few days, I mean, stuff comes up! And when I’m out with my friends I’ll usually eat wheat they’re eating. I’m switching to PKU coolers as soon as I finish off my current stock of Lophlex, so I won’t have to worry about mixing stuff up. I hope my recent taking to my formula makes my hair a little darker, ever since I went off diet my hair has gone from red to almost totally blonde. I don’t want to be blonde anymore, I mean, blonde hair and blue eyes is so…. common! Red hair and blue eyes, though… I like it! nOkay, sorry for the verbose posting!! Hopefully I didn’t bore anyone to tears!

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