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Livvy- nYour aunt is right, from what I know. For the most part nutrition labels on food aren’t exact. For example it might say 1g of protein, but it might actually have 1.5g of protein. Which means you could be thinking that the food has 45 of phe (I think) when it really has about 68mg of phe. It’s not alot of difference but if for infants, women who are pregnant/trying to get pregnant or who aren’t allowed alot of phe then those 23phes could be alot.
I think for the most part the people who count grams of protein are people who can tolerate alot more food. So if they aren’t very exact and go alittle bit over their food allowance for the day it’s not as important as it would be for somebody with a low tolerance. I personally count in mg of phe because when I was born my mom was told that is the most exact way to count food out of mg of phe, exchanges and protein. nBreanna 16 CPKU

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