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I think that is so wonderful and amazing that you are looking to find out as much information as you can to help this little girl out! Bravo to you!!!
At my sisters school (Erica is 8 and has PKU too) they provide her with low protein foods. What her school does is they email my mom the school lunch menu a few weeks before that month begins. Then my mom modifies the menu so that it fits my sisters food allowance; switching out regular food with her low protein foods etc. For example if the lunch planned for a day is cheese sandwiches, tomatoe soup etc my mom would change the cheese sandwiches to Eric’s sandwich made with Erica’s special bread and special non dairy cheese and then the tomatoe soup would be made without milk and she does this with the whole menu for the month. Then when the next month is coming up my mom plans the menu again and the school buys and provides all the food.
Since she is on a low protein diet, this would mean that foods high in protein are not allowed. In most cases this exludes things like: meat, poultry dairy, most grain products, beans, nuts etc from her diet. Her diet would mostly be fruits, veggies, startchy foods in measured amounts and special low protein foods that are made to imitate things like breads and pastas. I’m not sure if your purchasing food for her, but if you are then you could check out They have plenty of foods there that are okay for PKU kids.
BUT I must causion you that you do need to talk this all over with her parents and most likely the school lunch and her teacher. Each child with PKU is allowed a different amount of protein (more specifically an amino acid in protein called Phenylalanine or phe for short). So because of this her diet might be more relaxed and she could be allowed some grain products or it could be very strict where she would really have to measure the amount of foods she’s eatting. In most cases the parents will talk to you and let you know if they want their child just to bring a cold lunch, for you the provide a lunch made up of fruits and veggies, for you to provide low protein foods etc.
I really hope this helps and I think you are doing a wonderful thing! This will really help this little girl to feel more like her peers! nBreanna 16 with Classical PKU

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