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Hi There,
I Live in Halifax, Canada, and am also 46 with cpku, and was
also late diagnosed. I was the 1st baby with this condition
in the old Grace hospital in Halifax, and the doctors didn,t
know what was wrong. They did all sorts of tests and all
the wrong ones until one doctor thought he knew what the
problem was and did a simple diaper test, and that,s when I
was diagnosed.
I went of the diet at the age of 7 beacause it was just too hard
to stick to, and was off it for a long time. I went back on in
June of 2000, and now been back on the diet for close to 7 years, and am doing very well now, and almost 2 years ago
I moved out. It is great that this forum is here so we can all
share our stories and experiences with pku.

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