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Hi! I know some of the blogs are a little old, but I am new to this site. I’m a single mom with a two month old daughter who has PKU. I am very excited to find a way to network with other moms dealing with the same issues. I think my biggest frustration is trying to explain PKU to other people, who all want to act as though PKU is not a big deal. Like its a food allergy or something. I’m like, “Hello! Not even close!” Then, of course, you get the looks of shock and concern after you spend the next hour explaining what PKU really is and how its managed. Sometimes people laugh at the fact that I’m going to have to spend a lot of time cooking (since I’ve always been a cook-out-of-a-box kinda gal). I have to say, I’m really not upset about having to alter my lifestyle around the PKU diet (as I’ve noticed many people on other websites seem to be). I’m actually looking forward to eating quite a bit healthier. I just worry about my daughter feeling different as she grows up. I worry that she’ll feel deprived of things that other kids can have. I worry that her father won’t take the diet seriously. And I worry that other people won’t either. I never thought I would end up being an overly protective mom, but who knew…

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