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Do you mean for snacks, breakfast, lunch, desserts etc? For snacks you could try fruit snacks (ex: fruit by the foot), Hunts lemon or lemon mirague pudding are both free, apple chips are low. It also depends how much phe your kid is allowed because for somebody who is allowed more phe chips would be okay for a snack in a measured amount. It all comes down to measuring.
For breakfast if you have low protein porridge then you could just make that plain or you could mix it with alittle bit of regular oatmeal. Hashbrowns, but be careful because to much of this is high. Cereals like cap n crunch, kix, fruit loops and fruity pebbles are okay to. Just remember, that all of this has to be measured and calculated, because they aren’t free. They’re just things that I eat for meals (and I realize a toddler might not have the same appietite as me).
Lunch/dinner, if you have access to low protein bread (bought or homemade) then you could make cheese sandwiches with low pro cheese. You can make garlic bread using butter and garlic salt or just toast with jelly. When I was younger I used to like to just put butter on my bread and sprinkle alittle sugar on, I know it’s weird but I liked it. If you have low protein pasta (or any low pro food for that matter) it can be used just like regular foods. French fries always seem to be a big hit with PKU people. Salads, but that would techniqually be veggies.
As of right now this is basically all I can think of. If you need more ideas talk with your PKU doctor or dietitian. I’m sure they will beable to help you somewhat in figuring out which foods your child can and can’t have. nBreanna 16 CPKU

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