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Hey you.
Making baked apples, eggplant burgers, zucchini boats, mixing broccoli/mushroom, celery/tomato, onion/pepper–the way I view all this? Ways to show you I care about you. Cooking in general works this way for me. I like feeding people. It’s not a huge deal but it’s an easy way for me to “tell” you I care about your head, which basically is what liking/loving someone is or should be, regardless of PKU.
It’s just how you are, how you’ve always been. I can’t imagine you with phenylalanine hydroxylase. Plus, without your milk, you’d smell different, and that would “stink.”
And as to memorizing multipliers–it’s a good thing I didn’t learn about multipliers when I was seven or eight. It triggers a stifled little obsessive/compulsive part of me. I mean, come on, scientifically-significant numbers for every single kind of food? Even if it had nothing to do with you, my brain would go, “oooooh, really? tellmetellmetellme.” That you get a surprised/happy look on your face every time I say, “Cauliflower is .7, and broccoli is .85, right? And mushroom is .83?” just adds to the appeal.
P.S. That was a sweet post. nP.P.S. Hope your throat feels better.

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