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Since I have an austic child, I can answer some of the questions. The austim specturm is so large that there is alot of charaterics.The main ones in my daughter are developmentally delay in speech and language, muscle control. No control of body funtions(mostly restroom type), she walks on her tippy-toes.Shyness. Rountine is a big one. A sight change in her rountine really rocks the boat.She can’t rebound alike a normal person would so it takes longer to reset the reset button. People think we have no control over her. She has people and bug phobia, she freaks out in given time. She only trust a handful of people. Basically I’m prisoner in my own home if I don’t want deal with her freaking out without notice and the unwanted attention from other people. Also she does not look her age.
Now Addy the one with PKU is the total opposite of Emmy. There is research going about protein mutions and austim. I asked our genetist about it. She is looking into it. Emmy is going to have genetic mapping done to give us more answers about her. nBrandi

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