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I was off diet when I met and started dating my current boyfriend, so when I finally told him about it, he thought it was something I was, like, making up, or something.
When I finally decided to go back to the diet, I really haven’t gotten much support from him, and it makes me really sad, I mean, I’d think if I was importaint to him, he’d at least do a little research or something since it is something I have, but, no, that’s never happened. I don’t even think he knows what it’s called. I recently got my best level in forever (used to be in the low teens, but this last time it was 3.6!!) I told him I got my level back and he was like “Oh, you mean for your PK stuff?” Yes, he called it “PK” that’s not a typo. I don’t know, what do you guys think?

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