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Hi MamaSteve,
I’m not sure why he would be resistant to learning about pku… has he had a bad experience with a genetic condition in the past? Many genetic problems have dramatic/tragic effects, so maybe the idea of something being “wrong” with you scares him. Just a thought.
Regardless of why, if it were me and my relationship, I’d need to talk to him about it. Since it seems to bother you that he doesn’t act like he cares about your diet, see what happens if you tell him that. Maybe he has no idea you want him interested. Since you were off-diet when you met, maybe he doesn’t understand that your diet’s important. Maybe he thinks the best way to deal with it is to just pretend you’re “normal” so you don’t feel awkward about it. There are lots of explanations other than that he doesn’t care about you!
How much have you tried to explain to him? Maybe you could try showing him this website:
It’s pretty basic, and won’t scare him off with too much medical terminology.
Good luck.

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