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Meaghan- That’s so great to hear your boyfriend and his family are supportive! That is defintally the kind of boyfriend I want someday (when I start dating that is).
Demon_ghost- Lol, when I was at PKU camp last July me and a friend there both joked around about how we thought it would be pretty cool to marry a PKU guy and have a little PKU family. It would be pretty neat, time consuming and hard but I think it would still be kinda cool…but that’s just me.
Mamasteve- Like Jabber and Meaghan both said, he just might not realize how important our diet is. The truth is in alot of cases people without PKU aren’t going to do research. For example, basically all of my friends know I have PKU and of course that wasn’t the case from the beginning and they had to learn the info somehow. They all mainly learned by asking questions and not by researching it. Even though they didn’t go out and look up what PKU was all about doesn’t mean they didn’t care and I’m sure it’s the same way with your boyfriend.
If you really want him to take more interest in it then sit him down and tell him that. He might think that it’s something you don’t want to talk about since you didn’t tell him right away and I’m sure it does NOT have anything to do with how much he really likes you. These types of things are just situations that you have to try to work past. nBreanna 16 CPKU

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