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vivianrn- nPersonally my PKU has never really bugged me. I guess I think that in alot of cases if other kids are saying mean things they might just be saying it because they’re curious. nWhen I started highschool I started hanging out with alot of people who I hadn’t before. So because of that I had to begin explaining my PKU all over, which I don’t mind. At first alot of my friends saw my food and said it was alittle bit weird, but to me I just take it as ‘I’ve never seen that, what is it?’ Now that I’m a junior in highschool and all of my friends know about my PKU for the most part they don’t think it’s weird. If anything I think they are all very interested and always want to know what happened when I come back from appointments at Children’s Hospital. Plus it helps that I’ve gotten past the age where everybody thought different was bad (aka middle school aged) and I like being unique!
With my younger sister who also has PKU for the most part her friends all know she eats differently. She’s only in 3rd grade so they might not know exactly why she eats different, but they apparently accept that because there hasn’t been any teasing problems with her…well if they’re have been obviously Erica doesn’t care because she hasn’t said anything. nBreanna 16 CPKU

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