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These are chunky pieces of vegetable coated with a low protein batter mixture and deep fried untill crisp and golden.
Suitable vegeables are:
Slices of raw onion,
Slices or cubes of aubergine,
Slices or cubes of courgette,
Florets of boiled cauliflower,
Cubes of boiled swede,
Strips of fresh peppers.

For the batter
125g low protein mix,
pinch of salt,
1 tsp baking powder,
80mls Calogen liquid,
170mls water,
extra low protein mix for coating,
oil for deep frying.

In a mixing bowl place the low protein mix,salt and baking powder.stir. make a well in the center.
In a jug,mix togther the calogen liquid and water and gradually add it to the dry ingredients in the bowl.mix well untill smooth batter is formed. It is best to use either a fork or a whisk. Leave to rest for about 2 minutes.The batter will then be quite thick.
Have ready a deep pan or hot oil. Take a piece of vegetable and dip it into low protein mix to coat it. Shake off the excess.
Dip it into the hot oil.
It is best to cook just a few at a time so as not to overload the pan.
Cook gently for 5-10 Minutes,depending on the size of the vegetable,until golden brown. Drain well and serve hot. sounds nice doesn’t it. ENJOY!!

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