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I’m 16 and I used to have big issues with drinking my fromula up until last year September. We were going for a PKU appointment and did a level about a week before and my tyrosine level was so low that they couldn’t even read it. When I went I met with my new dietitian and she brought in a bunch of samples for me to try.
I guess just trying new things. There are Phenylade: chocolate, orange, strawberry, vanilla, phenylade40 (citrus and unflavored), amino acid blend (which you mix into something like juice). There’s Phlexy-10: capsules, bars, drinks (I can’t remember the flavors) and the add-ins which you can add into food and your not supposed to even taste it. Then there are Vitaflo: gel, coolers. Sorry I’m throwing out millions of formulas, these are just millions of formulas that I’ve either taste tested once or twice or actually drank for awhile.
Also have you tried mixing in something like nesquik chocolate or strawberry syrup? Or when I went to a PKU camp this past summer they showed us something call Sip Ahh straws. They come in chocolate, cookies and cream and strawberry and they have the flavoring in the straw so while you drink through it you get the flavoring aswell. They have no phe and we found them at a dollar store near us. My sister whose 8 wouldn’t drink her formula for awhile (which was weird because she has always been the one out of the two of use who drank her formula all the time) but with these straws she is back to drinking her formula ALL The time.
I hope this helps! nBre

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