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[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]hello jack and Bre… its Amanda… bre u know me from facebook and my site.. ur really on alot of sites hey nice to meet u jack…
for me i was totally horrbile with my PKU , rigth fromt the begining untill i was about 19. i am 21 now. and my life has changed for the better.. driasticly.. i am so much healthier and have a much more active role in my pku and health care. i brougth my levels from 20 down to 1 they sorta sit between 6-9mg. i do so much baking and always try new recipes. i look forward to doing my levels even goign to clinic. but i think my fav thing about PKU is food shopping and tryign lots of new products…one of the hardest and best lesson i had to learn was pku was not something that was ever gonna go away.. and its a life style . so i embraced it and became healthy. so over all i just think my PKU is me![FONT=Courier][SIZE=16][COLOR=orange]

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