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hey every one im Amanda.. im 21 with PKU. I live in victoria BC canada. (victoria is on vancover island) i have a PKU website and a PKU group on facebook.. feel free to check it out or add me as a friend.. i love chatting and with other PKUrs and just meeting others in general. u can find my site link on my profiel. I am going to college in the fall to get my professional counselling diploma then i hope to open a non profit genetic and metabolic disorder support center here on Vancover island. It is my dream to help others while creating awarness for PKU and other conditions. I would also liek to hold a PKU walk a thon sometime next year and doante the money to a low pro food store so people who cant afford foods can get some for free. all these dreams are a work in progress but i cant wait to see how they unfold.

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