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i had a horrible time with my formula growing up.. all the way till i was 19 then i saw some new samples of milk on a website and ask my dietican if she could bring it and i was hooked. they were the Xphe maximim drink boxes. no more powder or mixing!! they could just go in ur fridge for ur convincece and take with u to work , school or traveling. they come in 2 great flavours. forest berry and orange .. for a while i was on both but then i jsut drank the orange. i have been on them for over a year. i just tried the new pku coolers too.. there sorta the same but they come in like “bags” and they come in purple and orange , but to me they sorta taste like finstone vitamins. i prefar the xphe maximum ones. i strongly recomend them for anyone looking for something new or quick and easy!

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