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alisya, i can so understand how u feel ,, even though it is me with mom would tell me constanly how hard and lonely the frist 5 yrs were for her.. jsut about everything u said.. is exactly word for word what she always told me. u are not alone! i jsut wanted to say hi and let u know thats its ok .. ur baby will grow up healthy and happy as long as she follows her diet. and honestly it gets easier.. im now 21 and there has been so many advancments and new foods that has made my life so much easier. and a lot more is know too! i was told all my life untill i was 18 that i could never have a baby. this is not true! i was so exctatic and shocked. it has taken me a hole year to fully understand just how amazing that is and real it can be for me. i live with my long time boyfriend of almost 3 yrs, i am a recepsionist at our local lumber /hardwere store and i will be going to school next year to become a counsellor. my dream is to open a genetic and metabloic non profit support center.. so u see i am very normal and healthy.. though i had my share of stuggles, many stuggles in fact, io had high levels for many years as i didnt follow my diet well, i have mild short tearm memory loss and apperantly i have lossed one IQ point. i was very off track and amited alot to my hospital for high levels.. but in the last 2-3 yrs i have really pulled my life around. as long as ur daughter follows her diet from the beging through out life there is no reason why she will not grow to her fullest potential and have her own wonderful life one day! i wish u and ur family all the best.. and if u ever want to talk to me personaly.. feel free to contact me..

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