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my boyfriend is postivly amazing! he has fully embraced my pku and take it apon himself to learn everything. when we met , i was very sick and malnutritioned and very higth levels.. but not of my diet jsut struggling. in the 2 and a half years we have been toghther..i have brought my levels from 20-1 and done a 360 in my health care. i am the healthiest now that i have ever been in my hole life. cole (my bf) bakes with me, trys new prducts with me, buys most of my low pro foods.. goes to all my clinics and dr appts with me. he helps keep me on track and he can convert exchanges and grams of phe in his head, cole can look at something in a store, resturanut etc etc and know right away how much i can have or if i can even have it. sometimes hes stirct though. even sticted than my parents were. but i know its cause he cares and he can see the diffrence in me from now and then. hes my biggest supporter. he even told his hole family and all our friends about my pku and teaches them all the stuff he knows. his mom and sister in law have really embraced me as well as my pku and it has all become second nature for us. family events and dinenrs are so easy and fun casue every one knows about it and knows what i can and cant have. his mom and sister in law and i love to bake togther and try new recipes or even to try to make noraml stuff and just substutue ingredent to see how much new stuff i can have.. im never left out and its great! i love them all so mcuh! they have helped make my life so much easier!!!

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