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i drink the Xphe maximum drink boxes. they are exactly like juice boxes but milk. no mixing, no string or shaking, no powder or measuering.. its just ready to go .. i keep mine in a mini fridge and drink it 4 times a day( each meal and before bed) it comes in 2 flavours. Forest berry and orange. i have tried many milks including all the phnelyades, and the coolers. the xphe is by far my favorite. and i credit it for helping my bring down my levels. before i would skip milk or not drink it all casue i didnt like it. now i look forward and prefaer drinking it. and wish i could drink more. and i can soooo see the effects when i dont drink my milk.. its scary ! one time they actually ran out of my milk (first time in 20yrs) i was without for 3 days and i was so tired, cranky, senistive and just plain awful.. i never want to go there again. u can find pictured i have taken of both types of my milk on my website and u can read diary entires that i have writteen about my pku exspernaces. (theres along one about when i ran out of milk!) ni would highly recommene that anyone try the Xphe maximim drink boxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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