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hello carrie and others… id love to chat with u sometime.. my name is Amanda im 21.. i have never been off the diet but i struggled from the time i was 13-18 .. i am now trying to be an avocate for pku.. i even created a pku website.. carrie i think ud really like it.. i have my personal diary entries on it, disscusiion baord, guest book and a hole recipie page. i also have a group on facebook that u can check out sometime if u like. i love meeting other ppl woth pku and just chatting about enything and everything. my boyfriend is also very supportive and has helped me gain back my control and helped me to become as healthy as i am now. i couldnt love him more. for his support, understanding and care. he is my biggest supporter.
feel free to contact me if u want to chat or have any questions. i also have msn.. feel free to add me …


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