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Ashley is now 6 months old and we just started cereal this past week (which she’s doing very well with). I have an hour-long appt. with the dietician at her next appointment so she can teach me how to count Phe. We’re doing okay now, just still concerned about what she’ll eat when she’s older. I have a toddler also and am learning how different her appetite and pickiness can be from day to day. That makes me nervous for when Ashley is that age, trying to find stuff she likes, making sure she gets everything she’s supposed to have each day, etc. Here’s another thing that concerns me: She’s so chunky! I wonder if that’s normal or maybe just hereditary (my nickname was “beachball” when I was her age, but I thinned out when I started walking so I hope she will too!). Just wondered if that possibly has anything to do with the PKU b/c I’ve read some posts about the formula making some people overweight. Any thoughts? It’s almost impossible for the nurse to find her veins right now to draw blood…makes for very torturous appointments .

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