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hey bre (and everyone else) thanks for all the websites.. i jsut looked the dietspec one and i was amazed..for most of the same prudct that would cost me 400 dollars (canadian) will only cost me 80.00 bucks (canadaian) on there site.. i was shocked. but im not sure if im aloud all the prodcuts so i wrote a letter to the site owner and asked him… instead of reapeating myself ill copy and past it here and maybe someone can ansewr my questions….
n(to dietary specailites)
hi , im really confused and have a couple questions. i am 21 and i have PKU and ahve never been of diet. i jsut found ur discoverd ur site and it seams to be a dream come true.. but im concerd , i cant find any info on the products.. i want to know what the differance is between the gluten free produts and the lopro foods are… i know that im aloud most lo pro foods but i cant fins the PHE listed and im very intrested in making an order.. but im not sure if i can have the gluten free products as they seem to use real cheese and eggs etc and not the imtiations im use too.. could u pls send me some additonal info on ur products exspeically the low pro burgers and buns and the gluten free perogies and pizza for both the gluten free and the lo pr.. i want to order the sampler frozen pack and some additional orders!!! nif u could get back to me at your eriliest conivince id be very greatful. i look forward to making an order asap!!

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