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Amanda- All of the DS (dietary specialities) low protein products are low in phe. For example I know that the elbow noodles are 7mg of phe for 1/3c. So if you order products from the low protein section I’m sure you will be okay phe wise.
I really don’t think the gluten free products are okay for us. A few of them may, but they were not made specifically for Phenylketonurics so the people creating them were not focusing on low phe. Those products are made for people who cannot have a gluten allergy (I think it is called Celiac sprue but I’m not positive). I have a friend who actually has this so she has to stay away from products that contain gluten and the gluten free products she use are gluten free but not neccesarily phe free.
I hope this helps! nBre

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