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so im having some progress in organizing a pku walk a thon best friend tyrai is helping me call places to hold it and shes lookign in to geting saint john abulance to do first aid and im doing the media and sponoser ships.. im meeting with my manager on momday to discuss the possibilit of his company to support me.. i am buyign some of the snacks my self and proboly pku awarness month tshirts myself..wel atleast 6 for staff.. nive decided also to sell the wristbands there and maybe pku tshirts.. ty is handeling the regerstartion and money..cole and i are handelingthe media, advertsing, legal mostly all the big stuff.. well mostly me ..cole is to busy..he will be there to bounce ideas off or help me when i get stuck..but mostly hes there to supprt me.. but i think we have started to get the ball rolling im excited!!!!

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