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Yeah, it seems like it would be a lot better and my dad even volunteered to do it if I couldn’t. We brought it up a while ago and they said maybe when she gets older and also that usually when they let parents do it, they find that the parents end up coming back b/c it’s easier to let the nurse do it. I find that hard to belive! I’m not sure why they are seemingly against us doing it at home. But I read somewhere on this site about a mom that does the finger pricks to her 5 month old, so I’m sure it can’t be an age thing at this point. It’s very frustrating. At least with a finger poke, they only have to do it one time. With missing the veins, Ashley sometimes leave there with three different holes from where they tried and missed. And they dig around with those needles….man, I’m telling you it’s pure torture! I hope this PKU stuff gets easier!!

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