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I’m not sure why they would say it is an age thing because I haven’t had blood drawn in a lab since I was 6 months. Although when my parents first started blood tests on me they did heel pricks until awhile after I started walking and they they had to start the finger because once kids start walking the heels get rough. If I were you and you really want to do it then continue bring it up and keep pushing for them to let you do this! I’m 16 and have been doing levels at home all this time so they obviously can’t be serious when they say everybody comes back to do lab draws.
And one more tip, if you are allowed to do levels at home I would suggest the BD genie lancets that are blue and they are 2.0mm depth and 1.5mm width these are what we use and they work wonders! You can’t feel them and Ashley will defintally bleed enough in one poke. Coming from the worlds biggest chicken when it comes to needles and the worst bleeder that should mean alot . nBre

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