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Hi, I am a 30 year old with Classic PKU, and I was diagnosed at birth. My diet was controlled in my childhood, but isn’t really now…..however, I did have mild autistic/Asperger’s symptoms as a child. I would bang my head on the wall (proprioceptive input), had very poor social skills, slight echolalia (repeating of other’s words), walked on my toes as an older child, and I still continue to be visually/auditorially defensive. Despite these problems, I could read a magazine article at the age of three, so more than likely, more Asperger-like symptoms. I don’t know whether these were related to pku, because at the time, I believe my levels were fine, and oddly, these things have disappeared for the most part. I am an Occupational Therapy major so I know quite a bit about autism and find it absolutely fascinating.

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