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Thanks, Kathleen.
My friend has PKU, not me, but I’m vegetarian so I can somewhat relate to people being stupid about food.
I guess it’s a hard question to answer. Why are people judgmental? I know I can be at times. Maybe it comes down to ignorance. The times when I would be judgmental would be the times when I don’t understand what a certain person has had happen in his/her life. If I am aware of the person’s problem, and can understand why, then I don’t judge as much. To be nonjudgmental takes empathy, for which I need to be able to imagine being someone different from myself, with a different history.
For people who have been raised on hamburgers, it’s hard to imagine having my early childhood of tofu being common finger-food. Just like I lack any of their positive associations with meat. Honestly, I might be as judgmental about their eating meat as they are about my not eating meat.
Maybe that’s why differences can cause such problems. We look at other people’s choices through the viewpoint of our own life experiences, and say, “Why would you do that? That doesn’t make sense. I must be smarter than you.” Except really we just have different families, different genes, different pasts, so it’s not fair.
I’m just musing. Not sure if I’m making sense.
Basically if everyone understood everything about everyone else, people would be nice to each other… yeah…

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