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Hey, Amanda! nGood to meet you…. nMy name is Kathleen Adams, and I live in Upstate South Carolina. I am 30 years old, one of the older PKU “kids”.
I am currently off diet, though I still drink my formula sometimes and get my blood checked (rarely). I would like to change this but the truth is it’s very hard to go back once you’ve been eating things like regular bread, pasta, etc., and not thinking about phe at all. I would like to get on PreKUnil as soon as possible but I have to contact my nutritionist and see how open she is to this treatment.
I am currently in college for an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s okay, most people don’t. Basically, it’s kind of like Physical Therapy except Occupational Therapists work with the upper half of the body rather than the lower, and we focus on fine motor skills, like writing, brushing your teeth, etc. For instance, a person who recently had a stroke would come to me so that I could help them learn how to use their bad hand again (stroke victims always lose feeling in one side of the body).
Other than that, I live with my boyfriend of one year and 3 months…..we have two doggies that I love dearly. If we get married we have agreed that we will adopt internationally. I just recently opened up about the PKU and let him know what it’s REALLY about, and he is going to try to help me with my diet and also try to help me get on PreKUil.
So, that’s my story, sorry it’s so long. Hey, all of you out there, you need to reply to this! It’s up to us to keep in touch and this a good way to do it!

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