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Hi, firstly I would like to say congratulations on your wonderful addition to the family! I can’t write too much right now because it is actually pretty late at night (almost 11pm) and I still have homework to finish! But I just thought I would stop by and drop you message.
The diet is actually not vegan, but low protein. I guess it is sort of similar, but not exactly because Phenylketonurics can still have things like honey, opposed to vegans who don’t eat food products made from/produced by animals. It will all work out as time goes on. I won’t lie and tell you that everything will turn out perfect, because nothing in life is perfect. But I will tell you that your little girl will grow up to become a sweet, smart, independent person if she follows her diet.
I’ll give you a quick example of what we (me and my sister who has PKU) do for school lunches. In 4th grade I took cold lunchs for half of the year. Eventually I wanted to eat hot lunches like my non PKU siblings. So we started with just doing extra portions of fruits and veggies and my mom would send alittle bit more food if the fruit and veggies weren’t enough. Then 5th-8th grade my school actually prepared a special low protein meal for me (this is what my sister does right now). My mom would recieve the school menu a month in advance. She would change the menu around to subsitute my special low protein foods in for foods I couldn’t eat. For example if the meal was grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, a fruit and a veggie she would request that my school made me a low protein cheese sandwich with my bread and my cheese, tomato soup made without milk and then the fruit and veggies and she would make sure to include measurements. Now that I’m in highschool the food options are alot more open so I either bring a cold lunch or get a salad and a bag of PKU friendly chips from the ‘Salad Bar line’ at my school.
For classroom treats (for Birthdays, holidays, parties etc) my mom would send in a bag filled with PKU friendly treats. Then when a student brought a snack I would choose my own snack from my bag and either I or my teacher would let my mom know that I had something extra to eat.
Anyway, I should really go (homework calls). If you have other questions never be afraid to ask! nBreanna 16 Classical PKU

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