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hello kathleen, so happy to have u respond and to here about all ur sucess in life! its very insprieing! how is school treating you? i see alot of posts on here about ppl with pku in school and they have so many questions and worries. i find that for me work with pku is not very diffrent from highschool with pku. so i dont expect college to be any diffrent next year. Am i wrong? should i put a little more thought into ? after all when im oof work at 5:30 im done for the day adn usually asleep by 9pm… and with shcool ur not necsiarlty done when the bell rings…theres uslually a lot of time consuming homework… how do u deal with the long hrs and schedules? for me in pn a five hr scheduale . i have breakfast at 7, lunch at 12 , a snack or milk at 5 and then dinner at 7 pm. i have my forumla (which i call milk) with each meal. do u have a schedule for urslef? if so what is it like?

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