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wow what a dream come true i would love to chat with u further. may i add you to my windows live messneger. i am haveing diffucluites working out due to a horrible injury to my leg and mainitiang healthy levels. i think i would benifit from any adice you could offer me.. not just becasue u are a personal trainer. i have talked and met with many others, but becasue u also have pku and understand how important maintaing a diet and low levels. i currently have the best levels i have had in 2 yrs and a great routine and shcedule for my foods, and i eat very healthy.. but i cant work out to much with out reinjuring my knee. it has been 22 months and i jsut foudn otu that i will be haveing surgery within the next 6 months .. but untill then iwant to gain back some of my activiy level and start feelign good about my slef again. i went from a size 2 adn 110 lbs to a plus sixe.. wont tell u how much here. could u pls help me? i have no confidnce in my self or self esteem anymore. and have had my share of depression. if u could offer any advice or helpful facts or even moral support i would be forver greatful!

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