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cole and i go out for dinner once a week, we bounce between White spot, moxies and boston pizza. we have eaten at severl pubs and oriental resturanunts and buffets too.. i find resturaunts are very acomidating.. i jsut tell them i have a lot of allergies and coudl they just make me mashed potates and some veggies.. they almost always do .. if not i have a salad. i love going out for dinner.. were gonnan try 3 news this month, cross roads, 6 mile pub and i cant remember the name but we have a new family resturnaunt. think its the garlic rose. i always have a drink with dinner too like a belini, *** on the beach,margartia, or one of my faves a Strawberry rapture!
cole and i have our special saturdays, country drive, dinner movie , imax or we rent a movie. its great i look forward to it every weekend!

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