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Hey Coraider,
No one’s going to try to make you love having PKU… but it does seem to me that hating something about yourself that is permanent won’t help you very much. All people have SOMEthing wrong with their genes; they might just not know it yet. There are genes that predispose people to Alzheimer’s or breast cancer, and even though not all the genes have been discovered yet, probably most diseases have genes associated with a susceptibility to them.
Everyone’s got problems, even though you might not know about them. People are good at keeping their scar tissue hidden, whether it’s physical or otherwise. I just don’t see the point of hating something about yourself that you can’t change. I don’t imagine feeling that way would make other people very inclined to accecpt your PKU as just a natural part of you. If they see that you reject it, and hate it, then why would they think, “it’s just part of him and I accept it”? They would be more likely to think of it negatively, and that would just make you hate having PKU even more, beccause it might negatively affect your relationships.
Of course, they’re your genes, and it’s your life, so I’m not trying to tell you what to do. I’m just responding to what you said with my thoughts.

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