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I agree with Jabberwocky. The way I think about it is that nobody is perfect and life can never be 100% fair. Also, I know and see people on a daily basis that make me glad that all I have is PKU. Those being people who are mentally handicap and will never beable to live on their own, have children, go to college etc. Truth is we could have been born with other genetic disorders that would not only restrict our food but our social, emotional, and physical growth as well.
Basically all of my friends know about my PKU and atleast know a handful of information about it. Enough that they know some things that I can and cannot eat. I never present my PKU to them as something horrible and because of this I think they have all accepted it and actually find it alittle bit interesting. Plus I just keep in mind that food is food, you cook it, swallow it and then you never have to see it again. And there are still alot of tasty things we can eat.
Do you not like your formula? Maybe you should speak with your dietitian/PKU doctor about finding other formulas to try because there are SOOOOO MANY types of supplements you can take and some aren’t even in the form of formulas.
Just my thoughts on this! nBre

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