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hey man, i know i’m totally late in replying but i fully understand what you mean.
it really gets me down sometimes. for example, i was out last weekend with my friends and we went out to a thai restaurant. they all ordered their foods but i had to ask for a veegtarian meal which came to the table with egg all through it. i felt crap because i had to sit there and not eat whilst my friends were all enjoying their meal – and then i had to order chips from the fast food shop down the road later on. it can be very exclusive, and when you complain, or you’re just having a bad day and you want to sulk, they can’t really comprehend. but i suppose that’s the life we have.
i used to sneak food too but in hindsight i probably shouldn’t have. i now crave the food i shouldn’t eat, at the temptation to eat it is terrible, whereas with meat, i never crave it because i’ve never eaten it. i wish i had kept it that way with things like bread & cake etc.
hope you’re feeling better soon

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