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well if theyre eating a lotta icecream theyre gonna gain lotsa weight 1 day! tons of those foods arent good for ya so i guess ur gonna be healthier than them 1 day maybe…

i never really had that much trouble. im in australia so i guess in the US there r more junk foods around n snacks n stuff. whereva u go u can usually find something tho.

mcdonalds:fries,juice,burger(take the meat out)
subway:vegie sub
pizza hut:vegetarian just scrape off some of the cheese
and so on…

most people like us can still have a donut or something while ur out long as u have maxamum or something lo pro when u get home.that’s what i do anyway.

i have a close friend who ive known for over 10yrs she is like my sister n when she sees me eatin sumthin im not sposed to-she’s like “im gonna tell westmead on u!!”(westmead is the hospital where the pku clinic is)

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