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Hello, nOur son is 20 months old. He is our only child and before he was born I didn’t know PKU existed. It’s been a learning experience and I’d like to help when you need it.
I come from a meat and potatoes kind of family too. A meal didn’t seem complete unless there was some kind of meat in there. Do you have a low protein cookbook yet? It is so useful to get one even before your baby is ready for solid food. Jason and I have had time to try out different recipes and see what we like. Now we rarely eat meat at home and we haven’t missed it all that much (plus we save $$$ at the grocery store). Sounds strange not to miss meat, doesn’t it. I have discovered that I REALLY like zuchinni. Before I had Easton I don’t think I had it more than twice. Now I use it a lot and love it. There is a recipe for Veggie Speghetti and I look at the zuchinni as the meat replacement. I love it. I cut it in thick chunks and it has a great texture. The change in diet has been good for my husband’s health. He has lost a few pounds and looks healthier.
In my mind and my actions I try to not make a big deal about keeping Easton on a strict diet. We simply eat to live, not live to eat. nLet me know if you need some tips. I only have 20 months of experience but I’d be happy to help.

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