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Well, Amanda, honestly, I go to a technical college, and I only go there during the day. So, I really don’t have to worry about dorm life or anything. I don’t think I would have survived at a regular state college. Too little time and too many other choices (regular pizza, yum –the staple of the college diet). You are going to find if you go to a dorm and even just at a technical college, your time is going to be severely limited. Even though I don’t measure my food anymore (haven’t done so in YEARS), since you’re doing good so far, I would suggest pre-measuring food. At about the time you start college, you will start wishing that frozen, premeasured PKU meals were available. I would make pku pizzas and freeze them. As a matter of fact, make a bunch of anything you can and freeze it. Then I would start inquiring into pill-formulas, simply because it would be more convenient than having to mix something up, keep it cold, drink it in a college cafeteria, etc. I don’t know, that’s just me. Also, I am not really an expert on this because I do go to college and then come to my home after classes. I really am glad that I didn’t have to do the dorm thing, but that’s just my opinion. I think other PKU people have managed to do it successfully.

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