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Hey I just wanted to wish you luck with starting solids! I don’t really think I have much advice with this, but try to take it one day at a time. I won’t say that you won’t ever make mistakes, but everybody does. It’ll probably happen but don’t kick yourself in the butt for it. I’m sure when I was a baby my mom had the same worries as you both have, but she got through it and I’m sure you will too! Especially if you have good support from your dietitians and PKU staff.
For the weight issue, I’m not so sure if that is a PKU thing. Then again I could be wrong. All I know is my eight-year-old sister was average weight and height when she was a baby, she short now but that is because she stopped growing for awhile. When I was a baby I was very tiny, when I was six I weighed around 33lbs and I was very short, so dietition told my mom to count calories so I would gain weight. Like with every child, kids are going to grow at different speeds, weights, heights etc. nBre 16 CPKU

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