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mama i totally understand what u are going through i stupidly got married to my higschool sweet heart (i know im young im only 21) and we grew up together so he knew all about my pku but i wasnt on diet i was tryin to get myself on but struggling between insurence and what not. so anyways when we got divorced or rather when he told me he wanted a divorce he through my pku in my face, yelling at me saying he didnt want to wait forever to have kids with me beacuse i couldnt get on my diet and just through it all back at me. mind u ive known him since i was 15 his family n him reasearched pku and he went with me to conferences. so since then ive been very hesitatnt about what i tell guys about pku, and now im dating a guy who when i met i told him i had it but he just though whatever this gurl just cant eat meat. so we are living together now and im ordering specail food and askin him to help me take my blood and he can care less about it. he doesnt want to take my blood, i try and talk to him about it and i get yea…yea…really…a(as hes looking at the tv). its just so fustrating. i found a paper with info on pku a breif but good decription and said baby u should read this if you want to know more about my pku… do u know what he said ” baby the only thing i need to know is that u cant eat meat thats good enough for me” OMG THERES SO MUCH MORE TO IT THEN THAT!!! n it just breaks my heart cuz in every other way hes amazing its just this one thing and this thing happens to be a big thing. im constanlty scared he is goin to break up with me cuz of the pku if he knows everything, and im scared about goin out to eat with him now that im tryin to get back onthe diet but at the same time i want him to know n just understand n bethere for me cuz he loves me my diet shouldnt matter at least i think… so i dont know what to do or how to get him involed or at least to want to be involed hell even if he asked me a question about it id be so happy…but nothing. so if uve had any luck since u posted this or if anyone has any idea to help omg please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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