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Well, the link that was posted on here a while ago, he read that, but I really don’t think he cares that much. He used to get mad at the idea that I wasn’t going to eat meat or cheese anymore (when we were first together we both ate SO MUCH meat). Now it just seems like he doesn’t care one way or another, I guess it’s an improvement, but if I’m hungry when I’m with him he’ll offer me whatever he’s having, which last night was a chicken patty. *Sigh* The situation you’re in sounds pretty terrible. Divorces in general make me sad, I’ve seen too many of ‘em. I guess the best advice I can think of is just sit down and tell him that this is a big deal to you and you want him to take interest in it. If I were smart and could take my own advice I’d tell my boyfriend that when he brushes it off as nothing it feels to me like he just doesn’t care. Let me know how everything turns out.

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