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Kristi- That is awesome to hear your going to be doing the blood tests at home! And as far as doing levels at home cannot be that less accurate. If they were I am sure there would be plenty of doctors who wouldn’t let parents do levels at home.
Trust me, it’s not as hard as if seems, it’ll just take some practice. I just wanted to make a quick suggestion on lancets if you get the BD Genie lancets that are 2.0mm depth and 1.5mm width (the blue ones) they work wonders! I’m the queen of chickens when it comes to needles and I really like these lancets. You can’t feel them (even when you dont’ poke on the side of the finger) and bleeding enough is not a problem. Sorry if I mentioned this already. I’ll leave a site that has them so you can see what they look like, but I’m sure there are other places that you can find them. and good luck with learning how to do the blood tests.
Amanda- Do you know why they say you should wipe the first drop of blood away? Just wondering because uh…we never do lol so should I be worried about that? As far as I know me and my sisters levels have been coming back accurate and everything.

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