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Amanda- Now that I think about it, when I was at camp back in July and I did a blood test…by choice…yes amazingly I choose to do a blood test but I only did it because the other girls at camp were very persuasive and one of the girls agreed to hold my hand lol . The women who poked me was a registered nurse who I guess works with PKU patients ALL the time. She was going to let me try to do it but I’ve never actually done my blood tests completely on my own so I just asked her to do it. She didn’t wipe away the first drop of blood.
Kristi- Aww that’s cute! I wish I could have seen Ashley in her costume to! This Halloween I had to take my 4 younger sisters, 2 cousins and one of my cousins friends trick or treating…all by myself. Talk about mass chaos. Anyway, getting the blood onto the card isn’t to hard. The very short version of directions is squeeze the foot to get the blood, let it drip onto the little circles (while trying the best you can not to get the heel touching the paper). I’m not sure how many circles they will have you fill, we do 3. Then you just set the card to dry and when it is dry you label with and then mail it in. Your doctor will probably give you more detailed instructions.

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