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Hi Everybody,
My name is Michelle and i am from Tipperary. I am twenty nine years of age. I have been on my PKU diet since i was born but have not always stuck to it. My brother also has PKU since birth and he is now doing a masters in U.L. Six years ago i had an unplanned pregnancy and my levels were high when i conceived, so i spent most of my pregnancy in The Rutunda and Clonmel hospital. Luckily Keeva was born a very healthy little girl and she does not have PKU, thank god. I got married in September this year and i am now planning another baby so i am trying to get my levels down to 200. I am hoping this pregnancy will be alot smoother than the first as i am planning it and really trying hard to stick to my diet. Would like to hear from ye as it would be nice to be able to talk to other woman with PKU!!!

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